National Vanilla Milkshake Day - June 20
Thu, Jun 20, 2024

National Vanilla Milkshake Day

National Vanilla Milkshake Day is undoubtedly the most delicious holiday and a wonderful way to celebrate the start of summer. Traditionally, the drink is made from three components: vanilla ice cream, vanilla flavoring, and milk. The milkshake is also used to make other desserts, which can be sampled on National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

The History

To study the history of the milkshake, you have to rewind 135 years to 1885, when taverns first began to prepare and serve milkshakes. The first treats did not look anything like their modern counterparts—they were made from cream, eggs, and whiskey, which were whipped and mixed with lemonade or sparkling water. At the end of the 19th century, they began making drinks that looked more like the modern version, with the addition of syrups with different flavors, but the finished treat was not frozen. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the first drink mixer was produced, milkshakes turned into a real milk dessert.

Interesting Facts

  • An Olympic-sized pool holds approximately 3.2 million standard servings of milkshake.
  • The Boston version of the milkshake is the frappe, which is the name of the syrup, but it is strongly recommended not to mix it with milk.
  • In 2000, the largest milkshake ever was made, with a volume of about 6 thousand gallons.
  • An excellent hangover remedy is a milk-based cocktail with honey and a banana.

How to Take Part

The first thing to do is go to the nearest cafe that serves milkshakes, or buy the necessary ingredients and make the treat yourself. Organize a party and treat your guests to a delicious dessert. You can also go to a restaurant with a cheerful company. Share the holiday on your social media using the hashtag #NationalVanillaMilkshakeDay.

When is National Vanilla Milkshake Day celebrated in 2024?

National Vanilla Milkshake Day is observed on June 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 20 2024
Friday June 20 2025
Saturday June 20 2026
Sunday June 20 2027
Tuesday June 20 2028
Wednesday June 20 2029

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