Tweed Day - April 3
Mon, Apr 3, 2023

National Tweed Day

National Tweed Day is an American holiday with a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is celebrated in honor of W. Tweed, the famous politician who was involved in major fraud schemes. On the other hand, the basis for creating the day was a coarse wool fabric. It doesn’t matter which theory is correct at all, just let’s celebrate the holiday every year on April 3.


As we tell the story of National Tweed Day, we will be sure to consider both theories.

William Tweed, nicknamed “The Boss,” was born on this day in 1823. Initially active in politics, he also tried his hand as an executive in many companies. He was in the American House and Senate, but fraudulent schemes were no stranger to him. Through their skilful use, he became a major landowner in New York. Using his political influence, Tweed became more and more successful. However, a series of high-profile scandals in 1871 led to his arrest, but he got off on bail. Later he did end up in prison, escaping in 1975, but was caught. Three years later he died in prison.

Tweed is a woolen fabric, quite coarse, with a dense weave. Most popular in the Nordic countries. Things made of tweed fabric can be found in Scotland, the English islands, etc.

Interesting facts

  • Tweed is often used to make coats and jackets. Tweed clothes are very durable and keep warm well. Resistant to the action of moisture.
  • Tweed is tightly associated with the 19th and 20th centuries. The films “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes”, “Sharp Trumps” contributed to the popularity of the fabric.

How to celebrate

Purchase items made of tweed fabric on this day and incorporate them into your closet if you haven’t done so already. If you relate this holiday to William Tweed, learn more interesting facts from his biography.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask other users if they like tweed clothing.

When is National Tweed Day celebrated in 2023?

National Tweed Day is observed on April 3 each year.


Monday April 3 2023
Wednesday April 3 2024
Thursday April 3 2025
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