National Thank You Note Day - December 26
Tue, Dec 26, 2023

National Thank You Note Day

National Thank You Note Day is all about showing gratitude and appreciation to those around us through the use of words. Notes and postcards have been used for centuries to communicate these heartfelt messages and it is important to continue this tradition.


The use of notes to show appreciation dates back to Ancient Egypt and China, where they used beautiful papyrus paper and thoughtfully crafted each line to bring a smile to the recipient. The exact origin of modern postcards is contested amongst researchers, though some believe it originated in the Celestial Empire when Cai Lun invented paper, or in England when Penny Penates became a serial product.

Today, paper cards are being used less and less, whereas electronic versions are becoming increasingly popular. With e-cards, you can send messages to your loved ones not only on National Thank You Note Day, but instantly. It is important to remember where it all began, and not to lose touch with paper products altogether.

Interesting facts

  • In India, it is considered impolite to say “thank you”; instead, they show their appreciation through smiles and kind gestures.
  • In China, tapping the table with the right hand is a sign of gratitude.
  • In Arab countries, expressing thanks for a tasty treat is considered bad form.
  • Expressing or receiving gratitude increases the production of the hormone oxytocin, which affects the emotional state of a person.
  • Saying “thank you” also enhances customer service.

How to take part

On National Thank You Note Day, get some nice paper and write heartfelt notes to your loved ones. Make sure to be sincere and avoid vague phrases, and address the recipient specifically so they know it is for them. You can also add small souvenirs to your notes, ideally handmade ones.

When is National Thank You Note Day celebrated in 2023?

National Thank You Note Day is observed on December 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday December 26 2023
Thursday December 26 2024
Friday December 26 2025
Saturday December 26 2026