National Tell an Old Joke Day - July 24
Wed, Jul 24, 2024

National Tell an Old Joke Day

National Tell an Old Joke Day is celebrated annually on July 24th to keep old jokes alive. Anecdotes need periodic revival, like everything that fills us with laughter, fun and joy.

The History

According to one version, jokes appeared in Greece, but there is another legend – Palamedes was the first to come up with the joke. It is believed that he also came up with numbers, the alphabet, dice, a lighthouse, and the principles of proper nutrition. The first version looks more plausible, since the Greeks had a good sense of humor. It is known for sure that in Athens, there was a club of comedians who regularly gathered in the temple of Hercules to exchange jokes.

During the Middle Ages, short humorous stories remained only in the Arab countries and then gradually spread to Europe. During the Early Renaissance, communities of humorists appeared in Europe. In the 19th century, collections of short funny stories reached their peak of popularity.

Interesting Facts

  • The Greek club of comedians was called the Group of Sixty. A collection of jokes told by comedians who were part of this community was found in the possession of Alexander the Great’s father.
  • The first book with jokes was also published in Greece, called A lover of laughter, and contained 264 funny stories, some of which were repeated several times, but in different interpretations.
  • The ancient Romans also published ‘gay collections’ that were often used in plays.
  • Emperor Augustus collected more than a hundred funny stories.

How to take part

Gather with friends and devote the evening to good old jokes. Watch funny shows or comedies, or watch your favorite comedian. Feel the lightness and ease a good mood brings to our lives.

When is National Tell an Old Joke Day Celebrated in 2024?

National Tell an Old Joke Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 24th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 24 2024
Thursday July 24 2025
Friday July 24 2026

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