National Techies Day - October 3
Tue, Oct 3, 2023

National Techies Day

National Techies Day is a much-needed holiday in the modern world! We are all familiar with the problems that arise from technology, so it’s important to recognize those who specialize in fixing them. Celebrate the talented techies of our world with us!


National Techies Day was founded in 1998 with the goal of educating high school students in the field of technology. The initiative was spearheaded by and CNET Networks. As the world progresses towards more innovation, it’s important that professionals in this field are developed.

Not everyone is able to pursue a career in technology. It takes passion and interest in the field, as well as the right education. Thankfully, there are many educational institutions that prepare students for successful careers in tech, with many of their graduates going on to work with renowned firms and individuals.

Traces of science can be found dating back to over 3 million years ago. Of course, the technology of that era was limited compared to what we have today. The first technological items were simple tools like knives and clubs. Later, more complex inventions such as water systems, cars, and trains were developed, making life more convenient.

Interesting facts

  • 500 years ago, the Dutch were struggling with floods and strong winds. An inventive blacksmith came up with the idea of using the mill wheel to not only grind flour, but also to pump out water.
  • Initially, the forces of water, wind, and steam were used to power engines.
  • The first locomotive was created 200 years ago.
  • “Technophobia” is the fear of technology.
  • Over 90% of the world’s currency is digital.

How to take part

There are plenty of ways to take part in National Techies Day: buy yourself a new gadget, teach the younger generations about modern technology, send a greeting or thank you email to tech professionals, research job openings in the field, or throw a buffet and thank the IT team at your organization.

When is National Techies Day in 2023?

National Techies Day is observed on October 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 3 2023
Thursday October 3 2024
Friday October 3 2025
Saturday October 3 2026