National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day - January 6
Sat, Jan 6, 2024

National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day

National take down the christmas tree day is a sad holiday. Today people say goodbye to the Christmas evergreen beauty. Can this activity be classified as fun? But do nothing, do not leave her at home until the next New Year!


January 6 is the last day of Christmas. And no matter how sad we are, we need to bring the house to a standard look. National Day was coined by American writer Jace Shoemaker-Galloway not so long ago, but it quickly took root in American culture. Perhaps other nationalities celebrate it in the world!

It is not necessary for everyone to mark the date: there are people who want to enjoy the smell of spruce longer and throw it away later. The main thing is not to delay the moment, because there is not far from summer! Previously, in Central Europe, trees were decorated with fruits: apples, plums, pears. People expected that the plant would bud for the holiday, but this did not happen. Therefore, they came up with the idea of ​​dressing coniferous trees, because they remained green and beautiful.

Interesting facts

Did you know:

  • young needles contain more vitamin C than lemon;
  • spruce perfectly cleans the air of dust and is ideal for allergy sufferers;
  • a tree lives up to 400 years, there are cases when the age reaches 500 years;
  • in 2010, the most expensive Christmas tree was installed in Abu Dhabi, its cost is $ 11 million;
  • blue spruce – a symbol of Colorado and Utah;
  • Christmas trees can reach a hundred meters in height;
  • on one spruce cone there are approximately 100 seeds;
  • in the spruce forests, in the most intense heat, a pleasant coolness is felt.

How to celebrate

Get ready to clean up at National take down the christmas tree day! Call friends and family for help, because a truly sad parting is ahead. Carefully remove toys and pack until next year. Dispose of the tree in a special place.

When is National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day celebrated in 2024?

National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day is observed on January 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 6 2024
Monday January 6 2025
Tuesday January 6 2026
Wednesday January 6 2027