National Spanish Paella Day - March 27
Wed, Mar 27, 2024

National Spanish Paella Day

National Spanish Paella Day is an American holiday dedicated to paella. It’s a great dish that came to us from Spain. It is prepared with rice and meat of animal or fish, sauce is used, and the dish itself is supplemented with various spices. As a result, we get a very versatile main dish with rich flavor and bright aroma. The holiday is celebrated annually on March 27.


The history of the creation of National Spanish Paella Day is not known. The connoisseurs of this dish probably wanted to capture it on the calendar so more people would know about it!

Many researchers are of the opinion that paella appeared in the 8th century, when the lands of Spain were conquered by the Arabs. Also representatives of the East brought with them rice, without which it would be impossible to prepare the dish. The name of the person who came up with the recipe is unknown, but we know the region of origin of paella – Valencia.

The dish was originally popular among workers and farmers. It was prepared from as many ingredients as they could find. In addition to rice, it included various vegetables and herbs. If the dish was intended for a feast day, chicken, duck, or rabbit meat was added.

Interesting facts

  • Originally, the dish was cooked in a large two-handed skillet over an open fire. She was called the paellera. The cooking utensil probably gave the dish its name.
  • Today there are more than two hundred varieties of the dish.
  • The Spaniards themselves consider paella a purely Valencian dish, but not a national one.

How to celebrate

Visit a café/restaurant to sample paella from professional chefs. Surprise your family and friends, and test your own cooking skills by making this dish yourself. There are tons of recipes on the Internet!

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have tried paella, what is their favorite recipe?

When is National Spanish Paella Day celebrated in 2024?

National Spanish Paella Day is observed on March 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 27 2024
Thursday March 27 2025