National Saxophone Day - November 6
Sun, Nov 6, 2022

National Saxophone Day

National Saxophone Day is celebrated every year on November 6th – on this day Antoine-Joseph Adolphe Sax was born, who invented the saxophone. This musical instrument is called the most sincere, since virtuoso playing on it can touch the deep strings of the soul. And the saxophone has a rich musical range. It is equally relevant in jazz and classical music.


Adolf Sachs invented an amazing musical instrument in 1841, and received a patent in 1846. The master was born in Belgium, as a child the boy was very ill and almost died several times – he fell down the stairs, swallowed a pin, survived an explosion of gunpowder. Nevertheless, he survived, invented the saxophone and thus realized his dream – to create an instrument that could play the widest possible range – from high to low. The invention of Adolf Sax, of course, did not remain in its original form. It was repeatedly changed not only by the author himself, but also by other masters. In 1866, Sax’s patent for the instrument expired, then a new version was proposed and patented by the Millereau Co.

Interesting Facts

  • It is the only brass instrument in the woodwind family.
  • Few people know that in addition to the saxophone, the master invented other instruments – saxtub, saxotrum, but they quickly lost their popularity and are not used now.
  • The author came up with 14 variants of saxophones, but musicians use only 4 – soprano, alto, tenor, baritone.
  • The saxophone did not become part of the classical orchestra, as it appeared much later than other instruments. But jazz orchestras cannot be imagined without this sound.
  • The instrument perfectly imitates the human voice, so it is used in very emotional pieces of music.

How to celebrate

Listen to how the instrument sounds, its voice captivates with its ability to transform, sound different, convey a wide range of feelings and emotions. Read about this instrument, because it is one of a kind – it alone provides a tonal balance between existing wind and brass instruments. Organize a jazz music party, your friends will be delighted with such a holiday.

When is National Saxophone Day celebrated in 2022?

National Saxophone Day is observed on November 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday November 6 2022
Monday November 6 2023
Wednesday November 6 2024
Thursday November 6 2025
Friday November 6 2026

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