National Retinol Day - November 7
Mon, Nov 7, 2022

National Retinol Day

National Retinol Day is celebrated every year on November 7th at the initiative of RoC Skincare, which was announced on October 25, 2021. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative and an antioxidant. It helps to renew and improve the condition of the skin, slow down the signs of aging. He is so useful that he fully deserves a holiday in his honor.


Retinol has long been recognized by cosmetologists as the gold standard in anti-aging cosmetics. It is able to reduce wrinkles, restore skin tone and restore its healthy color. Every year, specialists work on methods for processing retinol, today they manage to obtain a substance of high concentration and efficiency.

The substance was first discovered in 1909, isolated in 1931, and synthesized in the laboratory in 1947. In 1912, Frederick Gowland Hopkins proved the presence of additional elements in milk that help rats grow. The discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1929. A year later, in 1913, a team of biochemists at the University of Wisconsin identified fat-soluble nutrients in milk fat as well as cod liver oil.

Interesting Facts

  • The first attempts to isolate retinol were unsuccessful, because the substance quickly deteriorated under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and oxygen.
  • Based on retinol, a stable retinoic acid was developed, which was used to treat skin diseases – acne, acne.
  • In 1990, scientists proved that retinoic acid provokes irritation, increases the sensitivity of the skin, so research switched back to retinol.
  • Use retinol at night as sunlight will neutralize its effects.
  • The substance gradually thins the skin.

How to celebrate

Purchase retinol-based cosmetics for yourself or as a gift. It can be a cream, serum, gel. In addition, in the pharmacy you can buy pure retinol in ampoules and add it to your cosmetics. Read on the Internet about this substance, learn about its beneficial properties, benefits, how to use it correctly, what consequences can occur if used carelessly.

When is National Retinol Day celebrated in 2022?

National Retinol Day is observed on November 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 7 2022
Tuesday November 7 2023
Thursday November 7 2024
Friday November 7 2025
Saturday November 7 2026