National Radio Day - August 20
Tue, Aug 20, 2024

National Radio Day

National Radio Day is dedicated to an amazing invention of mankind, which allowed people to stay in touch with the whole world. Now we are used to the fact that we can tune to a certain frequency and listen to our favorite music, but before that it was a real fantasy. And although in the modern world the Internet and TV are held in high esteem, it is important not to forget how it all began.

The History

Surprisingly, it is impossible to name the only creator of the radio. There were many of them, each of them made some contribution to the development of details. When everything came together, the radio started playing! Note the names of the inventors: Gugliemo Marconi, Nikola Tesla, Heinrich Rudolph Hertz and others.

A little later, public broadcasting appeared, then the radiotelephone company, which could pick up a signal at a distance of several miles.

In our age, it has faded into the background and is no longer the primary source of news and entertainment. But radio has been competing with advanced analogues for many years, there is always a place for it in the world!

In 2011, activists drew public attention to the date, which is why the National Day is celebrated annually throughout the country.

Interesting facts

  • Radio waves were discovered by the German physicist Heinrich Rudolph Hertz in 1886;
  • FM radio appeared in 1939;
  • Online station started in 1995;
  • 71% of motorists listen to the radio in the car.

How to take part

  • Tune in to your favorite wave and check out what is happening on National Radio Day.
  • Support the station on the Internet, participate in contests and surveys.
  • Buy an old unit and try to fix it! Get your friends involved.

When is National Radio Day celebrated in 2024?

National Radio Day is observed on August 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 20 2024
Wednesday August 20 2025
Thursday August 20 2026