National Princess Day - November 18
Sat, Nov 18, 2023

National Princess Day

National Princess Day takes place in America on November 18th and is a perfect holiday for girls. This magical day allows girls to turn their dreams into reality by becoming their favorite princesses.


The first princess to appear onscreen was Snow White in 1937 with the release of the Disney movie. Since then, other beloved princesses such as Rapunzel, Moana, Elsa, and Mulan have all been created and have become popular with both children and adults alike. National Princess Day was founded by Nest Entertainment and partnered with Sony Entertainment. This holiday has become popular in the United States and other countries with its goal to bring imagination to life and create joy for children and adults.

Interesting facts

  • Pocahontas is based on a real character, an Indian princess.
  • Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is left-handed.
  • Snow White is only 14 years old in the film.
  • Belle wears a bright blue dress, meaning she is a stranger in the city.
  • Ariel’s pretty face is based on actress Alyssa Milano, one of the main characters in Charmed.
  • Cinderella’s shoes are a little less than 24 cm.
  • Merida’s curls, if straightened, will be 1.2 meters.
  • Cinderella was Walt Disney’s favorite character.

How to take part

Host a princess party for the kids! Choose beautiful dresses, accessories, contests, and games that have a princess theme. You can also create a dress-up party for adults – set a dress code for entering the house, invite friends and acquaintances, and take pictures to post on social media to let everyone know about National Princess Day.

When is National Princess Day celebrated in 2023?

National Princess Day is observed on November 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday November 18 2023
Monday November 18 2024
Tuesday November 18 2025
Wednesday November 18 2026

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