National Porridge Day - June 23
Sun, Jun 23, 2024

National Porridge Day

The celebration of a healthy breakfast is celebrated on June 23, when National Porridge Day comes. Morning porridge, prepared as an option for the first meal of the day, can have a pronounced taste and turn into a real treat if you add a little yogurt, fresh berries, or fruit jam. Use your imagination to eat in a tasty and healthy way!

The History

The birthplace of oatmeal is reasonably considered to be Great Britain. In the country of Foggy Albion, the use of porridge has been elevated into a national tradition observed by conservative families. Porridge first appeared in the 16th century. It was made from grain crops, and when meat was added, it turned into chowder. The dish’s relevance has begun to increase in recent decades. Modern chefs have breathed new life into the dish, providing diners with experimental variations of the usual simple breakfast.

Interesting Facts

Boiled oatmeal has a bland taste. But it contains a lot of nutrients. Breakfast with milk has more calories, so avoid it when following a weight-loss diet.

  1. In the Middle Ages, oatmeal was stirred with a special wooden spoon to preserve its texture.
  2. In England, the word porridge has a negative and disparaging connotation, associated with criminal jargon.
  3. On farms where snails are bred, oatmeal is often used as feed.

Oatmeal is easy to cook fast. Supermarkets have ready-made versions of the dish; just add hot water and wait 5 minutes.

How to take part

Create a delicious dish on this national day and get the kids to love porridge for breakfast again. For the younger generation, it is essential to have an opportunity to eat something nutritious and sweet for mental and physical activity. Do not be afraid to add sugar, honey, and fruit. Share an interesting recipe and take a picture of the finished result to show off on your blog.

When is National Porridge Day celebrated in 2024?

National Porridge Day is observed on June 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 23 2024
Monday June 23 2025