National Peanut Cluster Day - March 8
Fri, Mar 8, 2024

National Peanut Cluster Day

National Peanut Cluster Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this amazing dessert. It is celebrated on March 8. With Women’s Day being celebrated on this date, it’s a great opportunity to give your favorite women peanut clusters as gifts. The dish impresses by its simplicity and at the same time excellent taste.


The story of National Peanut Cluster Day begins with a man named X. Campbell. Without it, there would be no peanut clusters, whose lovers decided to immortalize the dessert with the creation of a celebration. This man was the owner of the Standard Candy Company, which focused on the production of candy and other sweets (located in Nashville, Tennessee). One day he decided to combine some sweets: nougat, roasted peanuts, caramel, and then covered it all with a layer of chocolate. The result was a peanut cluster that was appreciated by sweet lovers. This event took place in 1912.

Today there are different variations of the dessert. Nuts, different kinds of chocolate are used, and new ingredients are removed or added as toppings. Everyone is sure to find a cluster to their liking.

Interesting facts

  • A peanut is not really a nut. It belongs to the legume crop. At first the fruit grows on the surface, but by the time it matures, it is buried under the ground.
  • The combination of nuts and chocolate is insanely useful, as it is a treasure trove of vitamins A, B and E, as well as a lot of antioxidants. However, you should not abuse the dessert, because it contains a lot of sugar and is very caloric.

How to celebrate

On National Peanut Cluster Day, visit cafes or pastry shops where you can try peanut clusters. Make your own dessert with ingredients to your liking. Recipes can easily be found on the Internet.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have tried the peanut clusters and what impression they left with the dessert.

When is National Peanut Cluster Day celebrated in 2024?

National Peanut Cluster Day is observed on March 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday March 8 2024
Saturday March 8 2025

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