National Peach Pie Day - August 24
Wed, Aug 24, 2022

National Peach Pie Day

National Peach Pie Day is a celebration of an enchanting, fragrant dessert loved by so many people. This is peach pie. And his National Day in the United States is celebrated on August 24th.


The first recipe for peach pie published in printed form appeared in the middle of the 19th century. But this does not indicate that this dessert has not been prepared before. Of course, the pie itself appeared much earlier than someone decided to write down all the ingredients and the order of its preparation. During the war between the North and the South in the United States, peach pies gained great popularity – and to this day they have not lost it.

Who came up with the idea to celebrate the holiday is unknown. But the date of National Peach Pie Day is probably associated with the period when the peach trees are harvested, this is June-August. Many different varieties of peaches appear on the market, no doubt this contributes to the desire to bake peach pies!

Interesting facts

Do you know that:

  1. In 20 US states, peaches are grown commercially. Significant crops are harvested in California, New Jersey, South Carolina, Washington, Pennsylvania. But the undisputed leader in the cultivation of peaches is Georgia, it is called the “Peach State”, and even on New Year’s Eve a giant peach descends on the central square of Atlanta.
  2. It takes a week on average to harvest a single peach tree.
  3. The weight of an average peach is 74 g.
  4. The average fruit of a peach tree contains only 30 calories, but it contains 8% of the daily intake of vitamin C we need. It has only 1 g of protein, and 7 g of carbohydrates. Peaches have a lot of potassium, and it supports the normal functioning of our nervous system, helps to keep muscles in good shape and keeps blood pressure normal.

How to celebrate

There are many ways to celebrate National Peach Pie Day. Buy fresh peach pie or make your own. There are a huge number of recipes for this dessert, choose the most interesting or unusual. You can even come up with new cooking options yourself! Treat family, friends, neighbors. As you enjoy this holiday, use the #NationalPeachPieDay hashtag on your social media.

When is National Peach Pie Day celebrated in 2022?

National Peach Pie Day is observed on August 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 24 2022
Thursday August 24 2023
Saturday August 24 2024
Sunday August 24 2025
Monday August 24 2026

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