National Onion Rings Day - June 22
Sat, Jun 22, 2024

National Onion Rings Day

An event reminding us of the need to appreciate simple pleasures is celebrated on June 22, when National Onion Rings Day comes along. Prepare a deep fryer and enjoy your favorite beer snack.

The History

The first method of cooking onion rings was noted in 1802 in a European cookbook. In the USA, the debut recipe was published at the beginning of the XX century. Restaurants operating under popular brands continue to challenge the right to be called the first to invent onion rings and add them to the menu. Famous chefs compete with exquisite recipes realized on the plates of guests who appreciate delicious food and unusual servings.

Interesting Facts

Onion rings are eaten in huge quantities in Asian countries, in the UK, Canada, the USA, the southern regions of the African continent, and in Australia.

  1. The dough or breadcrumbs may be used for cooking. Some experiment with onion paste, or dishes created in the form of chips.
  2. Various cheeses, fried potatoes, and baked chicken are served with onion rings.
  3. The dish is considered fast food and is part of American culinary culture.

Onion rings are served as a side dish or as the main centerpiece at a party with alcoholic beverages.

How to take part

Although the snack seems simple, cook it in an original way by observing the rules of deep-frying. For this national day, try to prepare the perfect treat for your guests. An alternative method is suitable for Americans who do not want to waste time on culinary research. Go to the pub and order onion rings in tandem with a cool glass of beer, and listen to the interesting stories that the bartender will tell. The evening will be captivating.

When is National Onion Rings Day celebrated in 2024?

National Onion Rings Day is observed on June 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 22 2024
Sunday June 22 2025

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