National Noodle Day - October 6
Fri, Oct 6, 2023

National Noodle Day

National Noodle Day is an American holiday dedicated to celebrating this amazing dish! Who doesn’t love noodles? According to our data, it’s difficult to find people who don’t. Join us in celebrating this delicious holiday!


Noodles have been around for over 4000 years and have delighted people around the world with their versatility. They can be made from buckwheat, rice, wheat, and even zucchini. Food made from noodles is a great source of healthy carbohydrates that fill up the human body, giving you a surge of energy after a meal, and making you feel full for a long time.

The first mention of noodles dates back to 3rd century BC China when they were shaped into small pieces and dropped into boiling water. Most often they were made from bread dough. It is difficult to find more information on their history, although some historians believe that noodles were around even earlier than this.

Their diversity is astounding – from Italian lasagna with bechamel sauce, to Chinese la mian, and Japanese soba, there are countless cultures that create delicious versions of noodles.

Interesting facts

  • The American Pasta Association has estimated that there are currently about 600 types of noodle products.
  • The largest plate of pasta set a Guinness World Record – the weight of the dish was 7900 kg and it was made in Poland.
  • Italy holds the record for most noodles eaten per person per year – up to 24 kg.
  • Eating noodles with your hands is considered to be bad form. Historically, they were served without sauces, so people wouldn’t take cutlery in their hands.
  • Eating noodles makes you happy!

How to take part

Ideas for National Day:

  • Eat your favorite dish.
  • Treat others to noodles.
  • Cook a dish according to an unusual recipe – let your imagination run wild!
  • Visit a restaurant and try a variety of noodles you haven’t tried before.
  • Share recipes on social media to show off your culinary skills!

When is National Noodle Day in 2023?

National Noodle Day is observed on October 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 6 2023
Sunday October 6 2024
Monday October 6 2025
Tuesday October 6 2026

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