National Night Out - August
Tue, Aug 1, 2023

National Night Out

National Night Out day is dedicated to the tranquility of citizens and safe streets. It aims to develop trusting relationships between the police and the community, as well as between different areas. This is necessary in order to effectively prevent crime and other dangerous factors.


The prerequisites for National Night Out day emerged in the 1960s. It was then that volunteer groups emerged to monitor areas. There was a clear need to build interactions between groups from different areas, otherwise they could not coordinate their actions, as well as organize the whole process.

A holiday dedicated to public peace appeared in 1984. It annually attracts many people to participating in ensuring security. A few years ago, dog owners also joined the neighborhood watch system, which helps law enforcement a lot, because a person with a dog poses a more serious threat.

Interesting facts

  • National Night Out day actively uses merch: on the official website, you can buy clothes and accessories related to the holiday.
  • The whole country celebrates this holiday on the first Tuesday of August, but Texas is an exception: there, it is celebrated in October.
  • Several tens of millions of Americans take part in the celebrations every year.

How to take part

Various events are held throughout the country on this day. These are not only educational programs aimed at the prevention of destructive behavior and self-defense programs, but also entertainment. Nothing draws people in like delicious food and live music, and the organizers of the National Night Out day know this. You can attend any of these events. The largest festival takes place in Columbus, Ohio.

Find out how you can help your area – it probably needs volunteers. You do not have to join the watch – you can also work on the Internet, answering messages and maintaining social networks.

When is National Night Out celebrated in 2023?

National Night Out is observed on the first Tuesday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 1 2023
Tuesday August 6 2024
Tuesday August 5 2025
Tuesday August 4 2026

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