National Nachos Day - November 6
Sun, Nov 6, 2022

National Nachos Day

National Nachos Day is celebrated every year on November 6th. On this day, you can cook your favorite dish the way you like it – with chicken, beef, salsa, beans, cheese. There is no single recipe for making snacks.


The history of nachos begins in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, which borders the US state of Texas. It was here that in 1943 the wives of the soldiers decided to take a walk and looked into a local restaurant. Despite the fact that the establishment was closed, the chef did not refuse the guests and collected what he found in the kitchen. Tortillas and cheese were available. Then the cook cut the cakes into triangles, added cheese, ground pepper. Thus a new culinary tradition was born. Why nachos? That was the name of the Mexican chef – Ignacio Nacho Anaya.

Interesting Facts

  • Today, there are alternative ways to make nachos, such as being served with cheese sauce at baseball games at Arlington Stadium.
  • The dish became an American tradition in 1978, when famous sportscaster Howard Cosell spoke about a new snack.
  • The city of Piedras Negras still celebrates National Nachos Day, an event accompanied by live music, competitions, entertainment and cultural events.
  • This is the perfect appetizer for any party. They are traditionally made on Christmas Day, Super Bowl are watched with them, and the Fourth of July is celebrated with them. Whoever brings the nachos will be the hero of the party.
  • Nachos are delicious with any sauce. Of course, this is usually guacamole or hot sauce, but absolutely any addition can be prepared, for example, marinated mozzarella, hummus.

How to celebrate

Organize a party and cook different nachos for your friends. Or announce a competition for the best nachos for your friends – let everyone come with their own dish, and the guests together will choose the best recipe. Visit a movie theater or a football game and stock up on nachos for an enjoyable viewing experience. Try to cook the treat so that all the pieces are evenly covered with cheese – spread them in one layer on a baking sheet, then the cheese will cover each triangle.

When is National Nachos Day celebrated in 2022?

National Nachos Day is observed on November 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday November 6 2022
Monday November 6 2023
Wednesday November 6 2024
Thursday November 6 2025
Friday November 6 2026