National Make a Friend Day - February 11
Sun, Feb 11, 2024

National Make a Friend Day

In everyone’s life, friends play an important role. With some, a person maintains a relationship all his life, with others the roads diverge. Work, personal life change, relationships lose importance. Without friends, it is impossible to fully experience the delights of everyday life and happiness. They will support in difficult times, share joyful events. February 11 marks the National Make a Friend Day, in which it is not only worth thanking faithful comrades for being near, but also making new friends.


The initiative to create a holiday appeared in social networks not so long ago. The name of the person who invented the National Make a Friend Day could not be established, but the society supported the unknown founders.

The word friendship has a huge meaning. People perceive it differently, the value does not change.  It is not necessary for a person to be a friend, everyone knows that pets are the most loyal friends.

Interesting facts

  • Sociologists conducted a survey. Based on the data, it turns out that during the life of an average person, about 400 friends appear.
  • Scientists came to the conclusion that the absence of friends negatively affects the emotional state, has a detrimental effect on the body, comparable to bad habits.
  • The strongest families are created by people whose romantic relationships began with friendship.
  • On average, one American has no more than 8 loyal friends.
  • A person subconsciously chooses friends among people who are similar at the genetic level.

How to celebrate

It’s a great day to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Invite all your friends to the party. Have an evening of memories. It’s nice to go back in time when you first met and got to know each other.

There are a huge number of movies and cartoons about friendship. On this day, it will not be superfluous to review the most favorite of them.

Sign up for an interest club or join a group on social networks. The same hobbies will help you find a person close in spirit who will become a good friend.

When is National Make a Friend Day celebrated in 2024?

National Make a Friend Day is observed on February 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 11 2024
Tuesday February 11 2025
Wednesday February 11 2026
Thursday February 11 2027