National Lemon Cupcake Day - December 15
Fri, Dec 15, 2023

National Lemon Cupcake Day

National Lemon Cupcake Day is a much-anticipated event for baking lovers, who look forward to gathering with friends and indulging in the delicious treat. This holiday encourages us to forget about our diet restrictions and treat ourselves to something special.


Cupcake recipes have their roots in Ancient Greece, where cooks mixed fruit and dough before baking the mixture in ovens. This experience spread across Europe, and the first written recipe for cupcakes appeared in the 1796 cookbook of Amelia Simmons, an American. Lemon cupcakes have been particularly popular, thanks to their refined taste. In the 20th century, frosting was invented, which is still used today. Unfortunately, the inventor of frosting has not yet been identified. Similarly, the creator of National Lemon Cupcake Day is yet to be found.

Interesting facts

Lemon cupcakes have many health benefits, such as:

  • Vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy skin, reproductive function, and strong immunity.
  • Phosphorus, which boosts energy metabolism, strengthens bones and teeth, and regulates the acid-base balance.
  • Selenium, which protects cells from toxic effects and supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

How to take part

Take part in National Lemon Cupcake Day by baking a delicious treat! If you’ve never made cupcakes before, now is the perfect time to experiment. Invite your loved ones to join you and create beautiful masterpieces together. When you’re done, share your creations on social media and get feedback from your followers.

When is National Lemon Cupcake Day celebrated in 2023?

National Lemon Cupcake Day is observed on December 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 15 2023
Sunday December 15 2024
Monday December 15 2025
Tuesday December 15 2026

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