National “Just Do It” Day - January 24
Wed, Jan 24, 2024

National “Just Do It” Day

National “Just Do It” Day was invented so that people remember what they wanted to do for so long, but for unknown reasons they put it off. It would seem that simple things, such as cleaning the garage, visiting relatives, buying materials for repairs, do not take much time, but they constantly lack it. A holiday should inspire a person, push him to take a step forward and change his life for the better.


The first time information about the National “Just Do It” Day appeared on social networks on January 24, 2015. The society accepted it quite positively, and now such an unusual day is celebrated annually.

For many, January 24 was the beginning of new achievements. They share their achievements in messengers. Someone says that the slogan “Just Do It” prompted to send a resume to a large company, a person got a position that he had long dreamed of. Others were inspired to end their usual way of life, to start playing sports, to end bad habits. Still others, finally, decided to open their own business, plans for which had been drawn up for a long time, but were not implemented.

Useful facts

The name of the national day coincides with the slogan of Nike, which has been using it since 1988. In an interview, Dan Wyden admitted that he was inspired to come up with a sonorous slogan by the last words of criminal Gary Gilmour. Before the execution, he said: “Let’s do it.”

How to celebrate

  • Devote this day to the things that had to be postponed for later for various reasons. Having done at least one of them, you will feel not only relief, but also gain self-confidence.
  • Cast aside all doubts, invite a girl or a guy on a date, in feelings for which fear prevents you from confessing.
  • Get together in the evening with friends and arrange a themed event. Everyone should tell what they did useful for the day.
  • Start implementing a project that you have been carrying in your head for a long time, but due to lack of time you are constantly putting it off.

Make a list of wishes that you want to make a reality. Don’t put the paper aside indefinitely, start doing things on the list today.

When is National “Just Do It” Day celebrated in 2024?

National “Just Do It” Day is observed on January 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 24 2024
Friday January 24 2025
Saturday January 24 2026
Sunday January 24 2027

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