National Hangover Day - January 1
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

National Hangover Day

National Hangover Day is not in vain celebrated after the holidays, when a good half of humanity is feeling unwell. The reason for this is alcohol! On New Year’s Eve, he amuses, helps to become more sociable, but in the morning he becomes not very friendly. If you drink a few cocktails, this will not happen, and if you violate the “safe” amount, there will definitely be a retribution.


National Day was created in 2015. Founders Keegan Calligar and Marlo Anderson assured that there were few holidays in early January – society listened to them. The men did not specify how they celebrate the celebration, but we are sure that it is definitely fun!

Scientists do not know the date that marks the appearance of alcohol. However, it is believed that this happened in the Neolithic era, when the fruits of tropical plants began to ferment. 11-12 thousand years ago, drinks entered human life, evidence of cooking was found in China. We think that a hangover appeared at this time, and our ancestors were surprised by this state of affairs!

Interesting facts

How to get rid of a hangover:

  • drink more water – in the morning the body is very dehydrated and simply requires it;
  • sleep longer – some people consider this the only working tool;
  • a contrast shower will remove a headache, give energy;
  • take vitamins, special medicines, tablets;
  • The best prevention is to drink alcohol in moderation.

How to celebrate

If you feel great on National Hangover Day, help your friends and family. Visit them, tell them about ways to remove unpleasant consequences. Throw a party to celebrate the holiday and gather everyone who has the power! Do not worry about the past day and let it go – sometimes people get really depressed because they overdo it with alcohol.

When is National Hangover Day celebrated in 2024?

National Hangover Day is observed on January 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 1 2024
Wednesday January 1 2025
Thursday January 1 2026
Friday January 1 2027

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