National Get Up Day - February 1
Thu, Feb 1, 2024

National Get Up Day

National Get Up Day is an American holiday, the purpose of which is to support all people who are stubbornly moving towards their goal. Behind visible success are dozens and hundreds of falls, after which you need to get up, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve something more. Celebrated every year on February 1st.


It is believed that the idea of ​​the holiday was proposed by US Figure Skating. This sport is impossible without falls. However, the ability to get up and try again will allow you to succeed. Any fall is a mistake, given which, it will turn out to prevent it in the future.

The celebration of National Get Up Day is appropriate not only for sports, but for any area of ​​life. Any businessmen, musicians, dancers and ordinary people who have set a specific goal and are striving for it go through this path. Purposefulness, the ability not to give up after falls and analyze every mistake will definitely lead you to success.

Interesting facts

  • Motivation is the worst assistant in achieving the goal. Without quick results, it quickly fades away. Therefore, you should rely only on discipline.
  • Achieving your goals brings indescribable pleasure. This is due to the natural release of dopamine – the hormone of happiness.

How to celebrate

Support friends and family who persevere towards their goal, despite setbacks. Celebrating National Get Up Day is a great excuse to get things done. Realize the fact that success is possible and it will surely come. Learn from your mistakes, draw conclusions and try again!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Share your experience of achieving a goal despite many setbacks.

When is National Get Up Day celebrated in 2024?

National Get Up Day is observed on February 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 1 2024
Saturday February 1 2025
Sunday February 1 2026
Monday February 1 2027