National Fried Rice Day - September 20
Wed, Sep 20, 2023

National Fried Rice Day

National Fried Rice Day celebrates a hearty and tasty dish that can be prepared every day. It is celebrated on September 20th.


Fried rice appeared in China as early as 510-620 AD. This cooking method was borrowed from Malaysia or Indonesia – in these countries, fried rice is a national dish.

The celebration of National Fried Rice Day only began in 2018, when the first Japanese restaurant in the United States, Benihana, offered to celebrate this day to enjoy their favorite dish. Later, fried rice was served in ordinary American restaurants – the dish was supplemented with various ingredients, depending on the desires of the cook.

Fried rice has millions of fans around the world. This dish is made and eaten with pleasure, both in Asia and the USA, Europe, and Latin America. Its main feature is variability. You can use any meat, different types of rice and many vegetables. Each person can create a dish according to their taste.

Interesting facts

  • In Japan and China, rice is associated with wealth. For this reason, it is thrown at the newlyweds at a wedding.
  • About 7 tons of rice are consumed every year in the world.
  • Rice is the staple food for about half of the world’s population.

How to take part

Visit with family or friends the legendary Benihana restaurant that has propelled fried rice across the US. Taste of the original dish, which is loved by millions of people around the world.

If you wish, you can cook rice yourself. There are many interesting recipes on the internet. Add new ingredients to the dish, experiment, and achieve the best taste!

Share information about this holiday on social networks. Tell users about your impressions of this dish.

When is National Fried Rice Day in 2023?

National Fried Rice Day is observed on September 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 20 2023
Friday September 20 2024
Saturday September 20 2025
Sunday September 20 2026