National Flag of Canada Day - February 15
Thu, Feb 15, 2024

National Flag of Canada Day

National Flag of Canada Day is celebrated annually on February 15 For the first time this holiday was held in 1996.  For the first time the flag with a maple leaf was raised in 1965, since then it has become the main symbol of the country.


Maple is one of the most common plants in Canada. Maple is unpretentious and easily adapts to any conditions, so it is often associated with the national Canadian character. White is a symbol of peace and harmony, and red is a symbol of development. Purposefulness, striving forward.

Interesting facts

  • Maple leaf syrup is one of the favorite sweets of Canadians;
  • Before Canada had its own flag, the country lived under the british flag;
  • Basically, maples grow in the East of Canada, in the West there are practically none.

How to celebrate

This holiday is of a patriotic nature. To adequately celebrate it, you can read books or watch movies dedicated to the history of Canada. In Canada itself, a large number of thematic events take place on this day. The holiday begins with a solemn raising of the flag and a mass procession through the streets with the main symbol of the country. The march is attended not only by prominent public and political figures of the country, but also by ordinary people, as well as schoolchildren and young people. In many cities of the country, festivals of national culture and national music are held on this day.

Canada is a country that is actively developing and has a high level of well-being. On the day of the national flag, as a rule, a large number of tourists from different countries come to the country. Excursions and entertainment activities are held for them, so Canadians are distinguished by great hospitality. Local restaurants on this day serve sweets with maple syrup and other national specialties. Children on the streets are given free flags imitating a real national flag. The traditional festive clothing of Canadians is red and white, under the color of the flag. Many even paint their faces in these tones to look like true patriots. In the major cities of the country, Flag Day usually ends with a festive concert or a bright, cheerful fireworks display.

When is National Flag of Canada Day celebrated in 2024?

National Flag of Canada Day is observed on February 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 15 2024
Saturday February 15 2025
Sunday February 15 2026
Monday February 15 2027

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