National Eight-Track Tape Day - April 11
Thu, Apr 11, 2024

National Eight-Track Tape Day

National Eight Track Tape Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the eight-track cassette. Many young people today don’t even know this device, but in its time it revolutionized recording. The holiday is celebrated on April 11 to honor this device, which is remembered with nostalgia by people who lived through the 1960s and 1980s.


Americans first saw the eight-track cassette in 1964, when it was presented at an exhibition. Its creator was the famous developer of the Learjet, W.P. Lear. Thanks to him, the magnetic tape was given eight tracks. The invention created became a staple in sound recording and lasted about 20 years until newer cassettes came along to replace it.

Eight-track cassettes allow you to record a whole series of sounds on tape without losing its quality. A great demand for the new devices came from automobile companies. For example, in 1966, the major American automaker Ford offered both regular and 8-track players on its models, available at extra cost. Later, other car companies followed suit. In 1970, production of this type of cassette began in Europe, and they became popular all over the world!

Interesting facts

  • More than half a million copies of the 8-track cassettes have been sold in their entire existence.
  • The first karaoke machine was made using eight-track technology.

How to celebrate

Learn more about eight-track cassettes. Check your garage or closet and see if you can find a couple of these devices left over from the days when they were in demand.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users if they still have the tapes.

When is National Eight-Track Tape Day celebrated in 2024?

National Eight-Track Tape Day is observed on April 11 each year.


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