National Device Appreciation Day - December 17
Sun, Dec 17, 2023

National Device Appreciation Day

I wonder if you knew about this holiday? It is an important part of the life of people with various gadgets. The goal is to teach the population to insure devices, so as not to run into trouble.


As practice shows, we remember about the insurance of our phones, laptops and other equipment at the last moment. Namely, when we have a problem. And here’s a life hack: the most effective way to protect your gadgets is to get insurance on time!

National Day was sponsored for some years by The Travelers Companies, America’s largest insurance company, founded in 2004. Employees of the company held events in which they talked about the services in an accessible way. They also emphasized the overall practicality of the solution.

Researchers believe that a similarity to modern insurance arose in the 2nd century BC. Then the merchants could receive payments if their goods were lost by the caravan. Modern property insurance originated after the Great Fire of London. The fire destroyed 13 thousand houses! This prompted the creation of an organization dedicated to the protection of property in emergency situations.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich insured her voice for $1 million. She became a pioneer! Many stars followed suit.
  • In London, almost 4 young girls took out insurance in case of immaculate conception.
  • There are quite a few people on the planet who are insured against theft by aliens. True, this still needs to be proven.

How to take part

Look at your belongings and decide on insurance! Now there are many companies with great deals. Chat with experts or ask friends for advice. Tell people about National Device Appreciation Day and why it’s important.

When is National Device Appreciation Day celebrated in 2023?

National Device Appreciation Day is observed on December 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 17 2023
Tuesday December 17 2024
Wednesday December 17 2025
Thursday December 17 2026