National Day of Unplugging - march
Fri, Mar 1, 2024

National Day of Unplugging

National Day of Unplugging is an American holiday celebrating the total disconnection from all means of communication. Today we spend a lot of time on the Internet, we correspond in social networks, we use smartphones and other electronic gadgets. The holiday is designed to give up those pleasures for a day! We guarantee it will be a great experience!


The history of National Day of Unplugging begins with an initiative of the Jewish community Reboot, founded in 2003. It is because of these people that we can devote ourselves to something more important than hour-long texting and watching videos on the Internet. Anyone, regardless of nationality and religion, can take part in the celebration of this day.

Many people wonder what National Day of Unplugging has to offer and why deprive themselves of amenities. Thanks to the holiday, you can get away with yourself, gather a group of friends and spend the day having a lot of fun. According to research by scientists, the electromagnetic waves from communications negatively affect the body, so why not give them up at least once a year? Celebrating this day will help many people do things they’ve been planning for a long time. After all, now you can’t say, “Now I’ll look at a little public on the Internet and I’ll do it right away”!

Interesting facts

  • Scientists argue that constantly watching videos on the Internet, listening to music, correspondence in social networks leads to artificial pleasure. As a result, the natural processes of dopamine production are affected. Interval refusals of such pleasures allow to solve the problem.
  • If you often give preference to the Internet, social skills suffer. It is necessary to spend more time in the living society in order to be socially adapted.

How to celebrate

Give up Internet and communication devices on National Day of Unplugging. Disconnect from the outside world! Take a walk in the park, go fishing, go to a museum. Be alone and reflect on your life and your goals. Take a day to read books. We assure you that you will feel relieved and realize that there are hundreds of ways to spend interesting time than just sitting on the Internet.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users how much time they spend a day chatting, watching videos, etc.

When is National Day of Unplugging celebrated in 2024?

National Day of Unplugging is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed every first Friday of March.


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