National Cook For Your Pets Day - November 1
Wed, Nov 1, 2023

National Cook For Your Pets Day

National Cook For Your Pets Day is an opportunity to show our appreciation to our four-legged friends who love us without asking for anything in return. On November 1st, why not use this day to show your pet some extra love and care by preparing a special treat for them.


Domestication of dogs is believed to have first occurred 16,000 years ago, and since then, a huge number of works and scientific papers have been written about the rules for feeding pets. A Roman philosopher prepared a guide on how to feed bones and meat to dogs.

In 1860, the first dog biscuit was made by James Spratt, a salesman from Ohio. In 1907, manufacturers took into account the preferences of dogs and made the first bone-shaped biscuits. And in 1920, the first dry dog food was created, followed two years later by the first canned food containing horse meat. In 1980, the US National Academy of Sciences formulated the nutritional requirements for pets.

Why We Love National Cook For Your Pets Day

  • Pets help us to stay healthy, normalizing our blood pressure, encouraging physical activity, and protecting us against mental disorders.
  • Cooking something special for your pet is a great way to show your appreciation for them.
  • It is also an opportunity to think about our own nutritional principles.

How to take part

Speak to your veterinarian about how you can change your pet’s diet, what foods can be added to improve their health and wellbeing, and what foods should be avoided. Chocolate, nuts, onions, avocados, and dairy-based products should not be given to pets, and of course, alcohol should be avoided. Start the day by buying new dishes for your pet, and cook them a meal of rice with vegetables and protein, such as meat. Dogs love fruit, while cats prefer a good piece of meat.

When is National Cook For Your Pets Day celebrated in 2023?

National Cook For Your Pets Day is observed on November 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 1 2023
Friday November 1 2024
Saturday November 1 2025
Sunday November 1 2026