National Compliment Day - January 24
Wed, Jan 24, 2024

National Compliment Day

Compliments have incredible power, causing not only joy, but also awakening confidence. National Compliment Day is another reason to make others happy. A small compliment carries a lot of positive, making even the most gloomy person smile and rejoice.


National Compliment Day has been around since 1998. Debbie Hoffman and Katie Chamberlin made a proposal and were supported by millions of people. To say beautiful, kind words to someone is pleasant both to the addressee and to the one who makes the complement.

Words of approval or admiration have an incredible power on a person. It affects adults and children. Scientists have proven that one compliment in the direction of an employee increases his productivity several times.

A compliment can cheer you up, put a person to yourself. Children love warm words of encouragement. With the help of a compliment, you can express not only admiration, but also support a person.

Useful facts

  • In Norway, complements are very skeptical and do not believe in their sincerity.
  • More than 60% of women say that complements make them feel embarrassed.
  • In the Middle East, you should be careful with compliments. Words of admiration for a woman are perceived there as a desire to possess her.
  • Men get a lot more pleasure from compliments than women.
  • The fair sex is very cautious about the words of admiration. According to statistics, women accept no more than 40% of compliments.

How to celebrate

Start your day with compliments. Give them to your family, friends and loved ones. The main thing is to be sincere. Even the warmest words spoken without a soul will not bring the desired result.

Come up with some unusual compliments the day before, and give them to your friends the next day.

When making compliments on the street, try not to use ironic phrases, people without a sense of humor may not understand and will be offended.

Make some social media posts with #NationalComplimentDay.

Invite your friends to arrange a competition for the number of compliments made on the holiday. A prerequisite is that a person must accept it, and this moment must be photographed.

When is National Compliment Day celebrated in 2024?

National Compliment Day is observed on January 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 24 2024
Friday January 24 2025
Saturday January 24 2026
Sunday January 24 2027

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