National Cinnamon Crescent Day - April 10
Wed, Apr 10, 2024

National Cinnamon Crescent Day

National Cinnamon Crescent Day is an American holiday dedicated to this great dessert. Cinnamon crescent cakes are very simple to make, but the taste of tender baked dough, complemented by bright cinnamon tones, will not leave any fan of delicious food, not indifferent! The holiday is celebrated annually on April 10.


The history of National Cinnamon Crescent Day is undisclosed, as is the origin of the dish itself. Probably this cinnamon crescent-shaped pastry began to be baked in the 17th century or later in Europe (possibly in France). However, there are a lot of assumptions about it, and they are very unreliable. Many people correlate this dessert with a kind of croissants, which is not entirely true. The main difference between croissants and today’s pastries is that they have a delicate crust, under which there is a slightly oily layer of dough.

The main advantage of cinnamon crescents is their nutritional value and usefulness due to the content of cinnamon. The spice, according to historians, came into use in ancient Egypt, where it was highly valued. It is prepared from the stems of cinnamon trees, from which the bark is removed. Then they are dried and turned into a powder, which retains a rich aroma and taste due to the content of essential oils in the plant itself.

Interesting facts

  • The oiliness of the cinnamon stem is due to the high content of a substance called cinnamaldehyde.
  • Cinnamon is rich in vitamins and contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and iron. It is also a source of fiber.
  • Cinnamon is used in folk medicine: it eliminates inflammation, improves heart function, prevents vascular problems, normalizes the gastrointestinal function and much more.

How to celebrate

Purchase freshly baked cinnamon crescent rolls from a candy store or make your own. You can easily find the recipe on the Internet. We assure you that the result will surpass all expectations.

Tell people about the feast on social media. Ask users if they’ve tried this dessert, what was their impression of it?

When is National Cinnamon Crescent Day celebrated in 2024?

National Cinnamon Crescent Day is observed on April 10 each year.


Wednesday April 10 2024
Thursday April 10 2025
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