National Chocolate Milk Day - September 27
Fri, Sep 27, 2024

National Chocolate Milk Day

National Chocolate Milk Day is a holiday dedicated to a drink that is loved by children and adults. It is celebrated every year on September 27th. Chocolate milk is one of the most popular drinks in America and can be found in any canteen. Jamaica, where ginger beer also appeared, needs to be thanked for the invention of this treat.


Chocolate-flavored milk appeared around the beginning of the 15th century; since then, the popularity of the drink has only increased. Experts note an increase in the chocolate milk market by 3.6% annually. But the first mention of it was much earlier. As early as 1900 BC, the Olmecs enjoyed this sweetness. There were even special jugs – tekomats – for this drink, which symbolized status.

Interesting Facts

  • The chocolate-flavored drink was loved by the Maya. They even honored a deity of cocoa. It was served at weddings, after important events, and used as an offering to the gods.
  • This unusual milk was considered useful and healing. Hans Sloane, who worked as a doctor in Jamaica, first spoke about this. He tried the local chocolate water, but it was bitter, so the doctor came up with the idea of adding milk.
  • It was Hans Sloane who brought the drink to Europe, where he continued his research and even sold the drink in a pharmacy.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, a method of pressing cocoa was invented in Holland. Since then, chocolate milk has become more affordable.

How to Take Part

Make chocolate milk, but use an adult recipe – add a little of your favorite liquor, and you will have an amazing cocktail. Be fun and casual – take a selfie with a milky mustache. We recommend that creative people make an exclusive mug for their favorite drink.

When is National Chocolate Milk Day in 2024?

National Chocolate Milk Day is observed on September 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 27 2024
Saturday September 27 2025
Sunday September 27 2026
Monday September 27 2027
Wednesday September 27 2028
Thursday September 27 2029

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