National Children’s Craft Day - March 14
Thu, Mar 14, 2024

National Children’s Craft Day

National Children’s Craft Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to children’s crafts. It refers to the celebration of Crafts Month, which is designed to introduce children and adults to a variety of creative directions. It is celebrated on March 14.


The story behind National Children’s Craft Day is not known. The purpose of the festival is to popularize various crafts among children. This can include: modeling with clay, the assembly of various devices based on the technical constructor, learning origami technique, and more. Crafts have been known to people since the early stages of society and are in demand even in the modern world, although much of the work is already done by machines in automated production. For example, handmade jewelry will never lose its popularity.

Crafts for children – a great opportunity to accelerate the development of creativity in a child, creative thinking, fine motor skills, to give the basis for the formation of a full-fledged personality.

Handmaking is useful not only for children, but also for adults. It is proven that such activities as modeling, sewing, drawing, etc. reduce stress levels and suppress attacks of aggression. They also allow you to get rid of depression.

Interesting facts

  • The word “craft” comes from the German “kraft. The word meant an occupation that required a certain skill/skill in a person.
  • The first patents for plasticine appeared in the late 1800s. In 1897 it was actively used in the educational process of molding at the W. Harbut School of Art. This man is one of the creators of this material.
  • Kraft exercises are prescribed by psychologists for people with depression, some types of nervous disorders, insomnia.

How to celebrate

Get involved in handmade with your children. Use plasticine, paper, fabric, constructor and other materials to create handmade crafts. If your kids are already crafting, celebrating National Children’s Craft Day is a great excuse to give them the materials/tools they need as well as learn how to create for themselves.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users what kind of crafting their kids are doing.

When is National Children’s Craft Day Celebrated in 2024?

National Children’s Craft Day is dedicated to celebrating success. It has always been observed annually on March the 14th.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday March 14 2024
Friday March 14 2025

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