National Hot Dog Day - July
Wed, Jul 19, 2023

National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day is associated with summer, warm days, amusement parks or American football. Along with apple pie, the hot dog is recognized as the most popular. Not surprisingly, it has its own holiday, celebrated every year on the third Wednesday of July.

The History

July in America is the month of hot dogs, which is why this holiday falls in the middle of summer. This date was established by the National Council on Hot Dogs and Sausages. It is not certain when the first hot dog appeared in America; it is believed they were sold in the 19th century in New York, using sausages brought by immigrants from Germany. There was also a street vendor in the city of St. Louis – Anton Feuchtwanger. The enterprising Chris von de Ahe began selling hot dogs at baseball games and amusement parks. Since then, this delicious street food has become a favorite treat for Americans.

Interesting Facts

  • German immigrants brought not only hot dogs to America but also dachshunds. Most likely, the name of the dish is associated with the long and thin shape of this dog.
  • In America, there is a huge variety of hot dog recipes. They differ depending on the specific city and state.
  • Hot dogs are the most popular summer dish in America. According to statistics, 9 billion servings are sold annually in the country. On July 4 alone, Americans buy about 155 million hot dogs, and in stadiums, spectators eat 26 million servings every year.
  • The most popular seasonings for the dish are mustard, ketchup, and chili peppers.

How to take part

All you need is the company of friends in your favorite cafe or by the pool during a party. You can order a ready-made treat or make sausages in dough to your personal recipe. Use your favorite ingredients – chicken, turkey, tofu, or pork. The dish can be baked, fried, or microwaved. Think over serving of the dish – it can be traditional, and hot dogs can also be cut and served with beans, spaghetti, or in other ways. Don’t forget the drinks.

When is National Hot Dog Day celebrated in 2023?

National Hot Dog Day is observed on the third Wednesday in July each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 19 2023
Wednesday July 17 2024
Wednesday July 16 2025
Wednesday July 15 2026