National Cheese Doodle Day - march 5
Tue, Mar 5, 2024

National Cheese Doodle Day

National Cheese Doodle Day is an American holiday dedicated to this popular cheese snack. It is celebrated annually on March 5. A delicate corn dough stick that is covered in melted cheese. Well, how can you refuse it!


The history of National Cheese Doodle Day is not known. Apparently someone really loved this snack and decided to set aside one day a year for it, creating this holiday.

The appearance of cheese sticks is also shrouded in mystery. There are several versions of their origin, and disputes are still going on. The most common version is that of former Marine Morrie Yohai. When he returned to civilian life, he worked for his father’s company, which focused on the production of cornmeal-based animal feed. In addition, some employees were involved in the creation of various condiments and garnishes on a cheese base. One day the machine accidentally deformed the product by releasing a corn tube. It happened in 1948. Yohai had the genius idea to cover it with cheese. That’s how the snack that is popular today was born.

Other versions say the sticks were invented back in the 1930s and two patents were issued for them to different people. There was a trial over whose patent came first. However, the first version looks more realistic.

Interesting facts

  • The average caloric value of cheese sticks is 250 kcal per 100 grams of product.
  • The most popular brand producing this snack is Cheetos.
  • Sticks can be eaten before the main meal to stimulate saliva production and whet the appetite.

How to celebrate

On National Cheese Doodle Day, visit cafes or eateries to sample freshly made cheese sticks. You can buy Cheetos products to enjoy their great taste with friends while watching an interesting movie, for example. You can also make your own cheese sticks. Recipes can easily be found on the Internet.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users when they first tried cheese sticks and what their impression of the snack was.

When is National Cheese Doodle Day in 2024?

National Cheese Doodle Day is observed on March 5 each year.


Tuesday March 5 2024
Wednesday March 5 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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