National BRAVE Day - September
Fri, Sep 22, 2023

National BRAVE Day

National BRAVE Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday of September. In 2022, this day falls on September 23rd. The holiday is dedicated to women who find the strength to help other women. We do not always find internal resources to cope with life’s difficulties and failures. In such situations, wise, strong women come to the rescue.


The holiday was founded by the initiative of Sweetlife Women in honor of Casey Stewart, who founded it. Casey Stewart is constantly working on how to change women for the better. The celebration of National BRAVE Day is one of the ways to motivate women to become stronger, bolder, and more self-confident. This day is a reminder that we can look for strength and support in each other, and the annual celebration showcases the achievements of women in various fields. Women at all times supported each other, talked about their problems and successes, and asked for advice, and this tradition should not be forgotten.

Interesting facts about gender inequality

  • In America, the law does not provide for paid maternity leave.
  • In lower-middle-income countries, 100 boys and only 55 girls go on to higher education.
  • Women have to do several times more housework than men.
  • Statistically, men earn more than women.
  • In many countries, men still forbid their wives from working.

How to take part

Learn more about National BRAVE Day on the website Offer help to women who need it – finding a job or supporting a single mother. If you know an organization that supports women’s interests, donate money or become a volunteer.

When is National BRAVE Day celebrated in 2023?

National BRAVE Day is observed on the last Friday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 22 2023
Friday September 27 2024
Friday September 26 2025
Friday September 25 2026