National Bluebird of Happiness Day - September 24
Sun, Sep 24, 2023

National Bluebird of Happiness Day

National Bluebird of Happiness Day is celebrated every year on September 24th. The symbol of this day is the bluebird, which symbolizes happiness, luck, joy. Often, it is depicted on greeting and wedding cards, and placed in children’s rooms. Paintings, songs, and poems are dedicated to the bluebird, and the weather after a thunderstorm is also called the day of the bluebird. Athletes who ski refer to sunny, clear weather with fresh snow as bluebird day.


This bird is very bright and unusual – the male has a blue back and an orange belly. The color of the female is duller. This bird is considered a sign of happiness in China. The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun consider it immortal. Native Americans believed it could alleviate the harshness of winter. If you delve into history, it becomes clear that the bluebird is present in all types of creativity and even in advertising.

Interesting Facts

  • You can find the symbol of happiness almost anywhere in America, even in the mountains.
  • The female and male remain faithful to each other throughout the season.
  • These birds have excellent eyesight; they can see to a distance of 60 feet.
  • Another name for this amazing creature is the arctic bluebird.
  • It has become a symbol of the state of Missouri.

How to take part

Go to a park or other green area where you can watch birds in the foliage of trees. If you are a creative person, use your skills to create an amazing creation – it can be embroidery, a picture, a poem, applique, or modeling. Buy a symbol of happiness for your home and place it next to your bed or by the fireplace.

When is National Bluebird of Happiness Day in 2023?

National Bluebird of Happiness Day is observed on September 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 24 2023
Tuesday September 24 2024
Wednesday September 24 2025
Thursday September 24 2026

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