National Black Cat Appreciation Day - August 17
Sat, Aug 17, 2024

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is designed to dispel the myths around black cats. Their color and intelligent yellow eyes enchant everyone! But people who believe in omens avoid these animals. Superstition says if a black cat crosses in front of you, you should expect trouble. Do you believe this?

The History

The superstition came to us from the Middle Ages: many believed witches turn into black cats and try to do harm in every possible way. Since then, it has become so strong that even today, you can see people looking at these animals with wariness.

But black cats are not associated with bad luck everywhere. In many cultures, it is a sign of prosperity, good luck, and love. Some even worship them.

This National Day was created in order to break the stereotypes and prove these pets do not cause any harm and certainly are not evil entities.

Interesting facts

  • Cats can change color if they are in the sun for a long time. Their coat takes on a brownish tint;
  • There are 22 breeds of black cats;
  • Sailors believed a cat on board a ship brings good luck;
  • Black cats have amazing stress resistance;
  • If you look closely at the animal, you can find small white spots or light hairs;
  • They are more successful hunters, as their dark color helps to disguise them;
  • Once upon a time, one cat inherited their owner’s property – about 13 million dollars!

How to take part

On National Black Cat Appreciation Day, it is best to visit a shelter where pets are kept. If you are confident, take a pet home and give them a happy life, or become a volunteer.

Read Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat, one of the most popular horror stories.

When is National Black Cat Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is observed on August 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 17 2024
Sunday August 17 2025
Monday August 17 2026