National Bagelfest Day - July 26
Wed, Jul 26, 2023

National Bagelfest Day

National Bagelfest Day is a wonderful, delicious holiday dedicated to freshly baked bagels. If you are tired of the same bread from the store, visit your nearest bakery, where it always smells like home, and buy a bagel. The first interesting fact about the bagel is that it is the only bread that is first boiled and then baked.

The History

National Bagelfest Day was first celebrated in the city of Mattoon, Illinois, established by Murray Lender, who owned a bagel factory. In 1986, he decided to feed the inhabitants of his town for breakfast. Since then, every year on July 26, honors are given to the most popular breakfast. On this day, a festival is organized, a parade is held, there is live music, and the Miss Bublikfest contest is also held. It is believed bagels were invented by the Jewish communities that lived in Poland, but the first mention of them dates back to the 13th century and is found in Arabic cooking.

This type of bread came to Europe and America only in the 19th century. It started small, but gradually the bagels became larger. In 1915, the average bagel was 3 ounces, and by 2000 the weight had doubled.

Interesting facts about bagels

  • The word bagel has German roots and means bracelet.
  • Gregory Chamitoff is an astronaut who took 18 sesame bagels with him into space.
  • Did you know a bagel is also called a cement donut?
  • The most expensive bagel is $1,000 and you can try it at the Westin Hotel.

How to take part

Of course, order bagels! You can buy them at the nearest bakery or cafe. Invite your friends over for breakfast with bagels and coffee. Be sure to talk about the holiday on social networks and share photos of bagels you bought or baked. Create a recipe book and collect original recipes in it.

When is National Bagelfest Day celebrated in 2023?

National Bagelfest Day is observed on July 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 26 2023
Friday July 26 2024
Saturday July 26 2025
Sunday July 26 2026