National Apple Dumpling Day - September 17
Tue, Sep 17, 2024

National Apple Dumpling Day

National Apple Dumpling Day is celebrated on September 17th. This fruity dessert is loved by many people around the world. The recipe is very simple, but it surprises with its rich taste and expressive aroma, where apple motifs are intertwined with hints of baked dough.


This is a traditional American dessert, although it is believed that it came to the United States from Western Europe. It is especially valued in the state of Pennsylvania.

The recipe for this sweet dish is as follows: dough is prepared in which slices of fresh apples are wrapped. They can be both boiled and baked. Spices (vanilla or cinnamon) are often added for variety. Additionally, you can prepare your favorite cream and stuff the dumplings with it.

Apple dumplings are considered a cultural asset of the United States. During the celebration of National Apple Dumpling Day, numerous festivals are held in all states of the United States, where you can try several varieties of this sweet dessert.

Interesting facts

  • Apples are the most popular fruit in the US and are used in many dessert dishes.
  • It is believed that the name comes from the German word ‘dumpf’, which translates as ‘steam’. Initially, dumplings were cooked in steam.

How to take part

There are several ways to celebrate National Apple Dumpling Day.

  1. Visit city festivals dedicated to this holiday. There you can participate in competitions, meet new people, and try original versions of apple dumplings.
  2. Make apple dumplings for your family. This is a fairly simple dish. If you want to experiment, add cream, raisins, vanilla, and other ingredients to the recipe to successfully complement the classic recipe.
  3. Sign up for workshops on making apple dumplings and other apple-based desserts. Improve your culinary skills!
  4. Share a post on social networks about this holiday. Tell your story about how you first tried this dessert and when you started making it yourself.

When is National Apple Dumpling Day celebrated in 2024?

National Apple Dumpling Day is observed on September 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday September 17 2024
Wednesday September 17 2025
Thursday September 17 2026
Friday September 17 2027
Saturday September 17 2028
Monday September 17 2029