National Alaska Day - October 18
Wed, Oct 18, 2023

National Alaska Day

We admire the nature of the harsh northern region with its rich history on National Alaska Day and remember how people lived on this land in different periods. It is not known for certain who came up with the idea of celebrating this event, but it is needed and important for national identity.

The History

Alaska was originally inhabited by aborigines who hunted and led a lifestyle with a close connection to nature. Then these lands came under the rule of the Russians. This territory was transferred to the United States when Russia agreed to sell it. When gold deposits were discovered in the region, the country was seized with a thirst for rapid enrichment. Adventurers came to Alaska who decided to give up their old lives and start from scratch, in the hope of finding gold and becoming rich. In the XIX century, this northern land became an American state and a border region of the country.

Interesting Facts

Alaska is associated with snow, gold, Aleuts, and dog sledding.

  1. Sled dogs played a huge role in saving the indigenous and visiting populations of Alaska when an epidemic of diphtheria broke out. Isolated settlements turned out to be inaccessible due to weather conditions: intense snowfall, blizzards. Medicines and antibiotics were delivered in sleds pulled by hardy dogs.
  2. Alaska is an attractive place for tourists who are not afraid of enduring difficulties for the opportunity to see the true wonders of nature. There are interesting geological sites, glaciers, nature reserves, and unique national parks.
  3. Rare humpback whales live in the Gulf of Alaska, brown bears live on the land. The wild fauna is diverse and beautiful.
  4. In the translation of the indigenous language, the name of the state means ‘great land’.
  5. Alaska is known for its majestic mountains that connect into powerful ranges.

The territory has a small population, with only 1 person per square mile.

How to take part

On this national day, take a trip to that inimitable, unique state. Dress warmly, take your camera with you, and go on a unique trip you will remember for a lifetime. If you do not want to leave your warm apartment, turn to virtual space. You can find out how Alaska lives in real time by connecting to video cameras. Learn about the history of the region and the avalanche of fun and dog sledding competitions. Read Jack London, who in his outstanding stories describes Alaska in an incredibly exciting way.

When is National Alaska Day celebrated in 2023?

National Alaska Day is observed on October 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 18 2023
Friday October 18 2024
Saturday October 18 2025
Sunday October 18 2026

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