Multiple Personality Day - march 5
Tue, Mar 5, 2024

Multiple Personality Day

Multiple Personality Day is an American holiday designed to raise public awareness of multiple personality disorder. This disease was discovered very recently, so there are no complete data on its nature yet. Psychiatrists are actively working in this area to determine the exact causes that lead to the disorder and to develop effective treatments. It is celebrated annually on March 5.


Personality disorder is now commonly referred to as dissociative identity disorder (DID for short). What information the experts told us about him. An approximate clinical picture is created: gaps in memory, brain deterioration (information is remembered very poorly or not remembered at all), the person feels that he lives separately from his body, gradually the personality completely falls apart and the patient can not understand who he really is, and what to do. Without psychiatric help, people with DID slowly go insane, suicidal thoughts appear, which in most cases are realized. Death is perceived as the best way to deprive oneself of torment.

The disease was first identified by Louis Vivet in 1885. Three years later, a full examination of the patient with this diagnosis was performed. After the discovery of schizophrenia in 1906, it began to be attributed to most patients with various mental disabilities. DID was also included. Today, multiple personality disorder is under treatment, with some patients known to be cured completely with certain therapies. However, the experience of relapse has also not been studied.

Interesting facts

  • The symptoms of multiple personality disorder are very similar to many other syndromes and diseases, for which reason it can only be accurately diagnosed in 2% of all cases.
  • Treatment at the clinic often involves the use of those methods and medications used to treat schizophrenia and other personality disorders. It is considered to be successful in 45% of cases.

How to celebrate

If your acquaintances or friends exhibit the symptoms described above, try to pay more attention to them and communicate with them more often. People with such illnesses need to feel needed in this world. Try to arrange a consultation with a psychologist/psychiatrist, don’t ignore the problem.

Tell about Multiple Personality Day on social networks. Ask other users if they have encountered DID or a similar disease in their lives.

When is Multiple Personality Day in 2024?

Multiple Personality Day is observed on March 5 each year.


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