Monkey Day - December 14
Thu, Dec 14, 2023

Monkey Day

Monkey Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the remarkable primates that have been living alongside humans for many years. According to the theory of evolution, modern humans descended from monkeys that climbed down from trees and mastered tools.


Monkey Day was created in 2000 by American artist Casey Sorrow who jokingly included the holiday in the calendar. His university friends supported the idea and celebrated the day together. Later, Erik Millikin, one of Casey’s friends, began to include the day in artwork and promote it on the Internet. As more people became aware of Monkey Day, it began to be celebrated by more and more people.

Monkey Day is more than just a joke; it is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the many threats that primates face on a daily basis. Some species of primates have almost completely disappeared from the planet. Environmental activists use this day to remind the public of the plight of monkeys and how we can help them.

Interesting facts

  • Monkeys have a unique vocal structure that does not allow them to pronounce articulate sounds. However, studies have shown that they can understand some words and communicate with humans using gestures.
  • Monkeys are known to swear, laugh, and even make fun!
  • Howler monkeys are incredibly loud and their calls can be heard up to 3km away.
  • In India, monkeys are considered sacred animals and around 40 million primates live there. Despite causing property damage and engaging in theft, the animals are still taken care of.

How to take part

To take part in Monkey Day, consider making a donation to a charity that helps protect primates. You can also watch movies about animals to learn more about them, and visit a zoo to watch the mischievous monkeys. Make sure you take your children with you so they can learn more about these amazing animals.

When is Monkey Day celebrated in 2023?

Monkey Day is observed on December 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 14 2023
Saturday December 14 2024
Sunday December 14 2025
Monday December 14 2026