Marmot Day - February 2
Fri, Feb 2, 2024

Marmot Day

Marmot Day is an American holiday dedicated to marmots. It is celebrated annually on February 2. It is an integral part of American culture, it is believed that the holiday came to us from Alaska.


The celebration of Marmot Day was actively held in Alaska back in the 90s of the 20th century. It became an official holiday in the United States in 2009, when a corresponding bill was passed at the 26th Alaska Legislature. The popularity of the holiday grew gradually. It is worth highlighting the 1993 film Groundhog Day, which is still watched and loved.

Marmots belong to the largest order of mammals – rodents. They are distinguished by powerful, but short legs, equipped with strong claws. Large incisors are found in the mouth. Everything in general terms allows the animal to easily dig the ground for holes and feed on vegetation. Marmots live in burrows and use them as shelter during hibernation. Animals are quite loud, especially when alarmed, and communicate between their relatives using whistling sounds.

Today the holiday is held at the headquarters of Covenant Eyes, located in Michigan. At 12:45 everyone watches the groundhog hole. If the animal comes out of there, it means that heat will come soon. If not, then the cold continues.

Interesting facts

  • In society, there is also a stable expression “Groundhog Day”. It denotes boredom and routine. One gets the impression that a person lives the same day an infinite number of times. A person needs to find a way out in order to get rid of such a “time loop”.
  • One groundhog can dig up about 320 kg of soil per day.
  • Groundhogs greet sunrise with a loud whistle.

How to celebrate

Be part of the entertainment and festivals that take place on Marmot Day. Watch the 1993 cult film with family or friends if you haven’t already! Watch the groundhog hole, maybe you can see it.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users how they spend Marmot Day.

When is Marmot Day celebrated in 2024?

Marmot Day is observed on February 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 2 2024
Sunday February 2 2025
Monday February 2 2026
Tuesday February 2 2027

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