Love Your Freckles Day - November 22
Tue, Nov 22, 2022

Love Your Freckles Day

Love your freckles day is celebrated on November 22 all over the world. The holiday is simply created for those who have freckles or dream of getting them! Down with plain faces, processed with several layers of foundation and Photoshop – show the world imperfect beautiful skin in “kisses of the sun”!


In modern society, the presence of freckles sets the trend, but this was not always the case. Many people with them were persecuted, they were convicted of witchcraft and black magic. They tried to remove freckles in completely barbaric ways: in the Victorian era, carboxylic acid was used, it created burns on the skin, and its vapors negatively affected internal organs. Girls of that time believed that a porcelain face was a sign of aristocracy.

In the 20th century, attitudes towards freckles changed dramatically. This was facilitated by the novel “Gone with the Wind”. The stereotypes about the aristocracy were shattered when Scarlett went out to work in the fields and became covered in sunny marks. In the 60s, such girls already graced the covers of fashion magazines, including Vogue. In the 90s, Chanel created a special pencil that allows you to draw freckles, and he enjoyed great success!

Interesting facts

Did you know that freckles:

  • do not appear at birth, but appear during life: “sleeping” cells are activated in the sun and give pigmentation;
  • depend on the MC1R gene;
  • talking about skin sensitivity. For example, people are not recommended to abuse sunbathing: the risk of developing oncology is high;
  • appear even when visiting a solarium, if the skin is prone to them;
  • require care even in winter: creams, essences, cosmetologists are best friends;
  • appear in large numbers in people whose bodies are not prone to sunburn.

How to celebrate

Stop covering up your freckles – open them up and show them how beautiful they are! If you are not the owner, use cosmetics and draw them. Invite friends to evaluate the new look. Admire people with freckles: pay a compliment to an ordinary passer-by.

When is Love Your Freckles Day celebrated in 2022?

Love Your Freckles Day is observed on November 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 22 2022
Wednesday November 22 2023
Friday November 22 2024
Saturday November 22 2025
Sunday November 22 2026

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