Lei Day - May 1
Wed, May 1, 2024

Lei Day

Lei Day is an American holiday dedicated to leis. Under this name are hidden floral necklaces, which are created from tropical flowers. Such products are in great demand in Hawaii and are part of the colorful culture of these islands. It is celebrated on May 1 every year.


The official status of Lei Day was established in 1929, although it was celebrated a few years earlier. On this day there are colorful festivals and various events, where you can buy ready-made lei and learn to create flower necklaces yourself.

Hawaii is a unique place where the locals make great efforts to preserve their own traditions. Today they belong to the United States and are an official state. In addition to English, Hawaiian is established here as the second official language. Thus, the color of this picturesque place has not suffered in any way, and the locals were given complete freedom to communicate in their native language.

The tourist popularity of the islands began to grow in 1866, when M. Twain published an article about them in a San Francisco newspaper. Since then, the number of tourists has grown steadily each year. More and more people wanted to touch the previously unseen tropical beauty and soak up the local flavor.

Interesting facts

  • Flower leis are the main symbol of Hawaii. They are worn around the neck of guests as they greet them.
  • From the islands to the U.S. coast about 3,700 km.
  • The annual tourist flow to Hawaii is 6 million people.

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate Lei Day is to visit Hawaii. Experience that unique tropical island atmosphere. Get closer to the culture. If you don’t have such an opportunity, find instructional videos on how to weave lei, and try to create them from the flowers you have. Throw a party in Hawaiian style.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask users if they’ve been to Hawaii. What was their impression of the trip?

When is Lei Day celebrated in 2024?

Lei Day is observed on May 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 1 2024
Thursday May 1 2025

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