Learn About Composting Day - May 29
Wed, May 29, 2024

Learn About Composting Day

Gardeners’ Day is celebrated on May 29, but to include people who are of an environmental bend, a unifying event called Learn about Composting Day came into being. This activity helps to save money and preserves and supports the renewal of natural resources.

The History

Compost is an organic fertilizer with naturally decomposable elements, and has been known since the Stone Age. Chemical fertilizers are used in agriculture to increase yields; this contributes to harvesting several times a year. Compost helps to purify groundwater, preventing toxins from entering the water.

Interesting Facts

Natural, harmless fertilizer attracts useful insects to the site.

  1. Compost is created from waste present in the kitchen or garden: vegetable peels, sawdust, coffee grinds.
  2. Compost strengthens and replenishes the fertile soil layer, and promotes conditioning, oxygen saturation (due to worm activity), and prevents destructive processes of soil contamination.
  3. Composting is a process that recycles of raw materials. This is an eco-friendly solution.

Do you want to have a flourishing garden? Make compost and fertilize your soil!

When is Learn About Composting Day celebrated in 2024?

Learn About Composting Day is observed on May 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 29 2024
Thursday May 29 2025

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