Landline Telephone Day - March 10
Sun, Mar 10, 2024

Landline Telephone Day

Landline Telephone Day is an annual American holiday celebrating the creation of the landline telephone. Now people could freely communicate with their friends, relatives and acquaintances who lived far enough away from them. The invention of this device gave impetus to the further development of communication technology. It is celebrated on March 10.


For a very long time, letters were the only way to convey information to others. In the ancient world there were messengers. These men were responsible for relaying important messages. Most often these were letters of national importance to other rulers. The lives of messengers were always in danger, especially when it came to delivering letters to other countries. Postal pigeons later appeared. Forms of delivery changed, but communication continued through letters.

The creation of the landline telephone marked the beginning of a new era in communications. The device was invented in 1876 by the American engineer A. G. Bell. Interestingly, at the same time the inventor Elish Grey was working separately from him on the telephone. These two men applied for a patent on March 7, 1876. However, Bell was luckier and received a patent on March 10 and is now considered the inventor of the landline telephone in the United States.

Interesting facts

  • Bell called his invention the “talking telegraph.
  • The range of the first landline phone did not exceed 500 meters.
  • Compact cell phones were made possible by Bell’s invention. However, the first sample cell phone did not appear until 1963.

How to celebrate

If you still have a landline, you can make a couple of calls to acquaintances and friends, if they have not also abandoned these devices. Explore more interesting information about making a phone. Visit the museum to see the first telephone devices of those days.

Tell Landline Telephone Day on social media. Ask other users how often they use a landline phone.

When is Landline Telephone Day celebrated in 2024?

Landline Telephone Day is observed on March 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday March 10 2024
Monday March 10 2025

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