K-9 Veterans Day - March 13
Wed, Mar 13, 2024

K-9 Veterans Day

K-9 Veterans Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to dogs in military service. It is celebrated on March 13. Dogs are intelligent and loyal animals. Proper training can make them both a good family member and a true fighting friend. There are many stories of dogs rescuing soldiers during the War, as well as helping with combat missions.


The creation of K-9 Veterans Day is dedicated to the K9 Corps, formed on March 13, 1942 in the United States. The dogs were accepted for military service. For this purpose, hardy, strong and well-trained dog breeds (German Shepherd, for example) are used. They undergo special training with a dog handler, after which they go on duty.

We have D. White to thank for creating the holiday. This man went through the Vietnam War and was a K9 instructor, training dogs for combat missions. After the veteran’s death in 2009, his wife actively promoted the initiative to create the holiday, which a year later was officially established in New Jersey.

Interesting facts

  • There have been several documentaries about the K9 Canine Corps, as well as the comedy “K9: A Dog’s Job.
  • The purpose of K9 dogs varied: dogs were trained for military service, as police officers, guards, for drug detection, etc.
  • Dogs, when properly trained, can learn over 200 commands that are expressed in words or actions.

How to celebrate

Learn more details about K9 activities during the WWII and in the modern world. This holiday is a great reason to get a dog, if you’ve been planning for a long time. If you already have a pet, give it more attention on K-9 Veterans Day.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users what breed of dog they have and how many commands they know.

When is K-9 Veterans Day celebrated in 2024?

K-9 Veterans Day is observed on March 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 13 2024
Thursday March 13 2025