International Youth Day - August 12
Fri, Aug 11, 2023

International Youth Day

International Youth Day was formed by the UN and draws public attention to various youth issues. The organization announced that the current theme of the year, in 2022, it is ‘Generational Solidarity: Let’s create a world for all ages’. The purpose of the holiday is to involve young people in decisions not only at the local level, but also at the global level.

The History

International Youth Day was celebrated in 1999 for the first time, after the UN General Assembly adopted a relevant resolution. It started much earlier, in 1965.

Every year, the holiday emphasizes the potential of modern youth in society, as they are our future. The organization holds that the majority of young people are peace activists, or can become peace activists with the right support and attention.

Some of the issues discussed at International Youth Day are: mental, social, educational, and medical. Much attention is paid to safety.

Interesting facts

  • The UN defines youth as those aged 15 to 24;
  • Young people have always been an important part of historical events;
  • 9 out of 10 people aged 15 to 24 live in low-income countries;
  • 77% of young people are employed informally;
  • 126 million people failed to read or write a test sentence in 2011;
  • In 2015, there was a turning point for the UN: the adoption of a resolution that sees youth as champions of world peace.

How to take part

The holiday is celebrated through various events: seminars, trainings, webinars, programs, and concerts at the local level. Anyone can take part or help with the organization.

When is International Youth Day celebrated in 2023?

International Youth Day is observed on August 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 12 2023
Monday August 12 2024
Tuesday August 12 2025
Wednesday August 12 2026